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¤ The Mozzie to my Neal ¤

Eric Carroll and Curt Mega being positively adorable in their IndieGoGo video. Pledge POV now.

The Warblers are like rockstars. [insp]

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Sometimes I think about what a great show Dalton would have been if it was just all it’s own thing. In the first season you meet Blaine, the new kid who seems like he has everything going for him but there’s something off and the story of his gay bashing is revealed slowly and the whole first season you just get to know this group of guys and Kurt shows up as Blaine’s love interest and you see Blaine dealing with his own issues and all his bravado as he tries to be strong for Kurt while still fresh from his own trauma just a year before. 

Then in the second season Sebastian shows up and the whole second season is a frustrating love pseudo-love triangle where there’s hurt and distrust between Kurt and Blaine and Sebastian because Blaine doesn’t see how sketchy Sebastian can be and Kurt and Sebastian totally butt heads but eventually Sebastian mellows and by season three he’s still snarky and sarcastic but he’s also grown to be part of the group and then… Hunter shows up.

…and season three is the Warblers dealing with Hunter and the pressure being put on them to perform well and how some of their best members are graduating soon and where they’ll go in the future and Kurt and Blaine are a steady focus as their relationship matures and it’s a whole show about gay boys with some straight side characters but the other guys get decent screen time and plotlines too and also lots of music. 


The story of Nick and Trent









Don’t you also love how Riker has to clarify “with girls.”

I can never get over how much I freaking love Dom for this.


Dominic Barnes is my hero.

NIFF! And freaking Dom is the absolute best! 

Look how many fucking notes this has, jesus.


HAPPY 3/6 DAY!!!!  Niff!!  Niff!!  Niff!!


Titus sings an original song “Run and Hide” at the House of Blues on February 12, 2014.

Sorry that it’s incomplete, my phone ran out of space in the middle of it.


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Fox wants to know your favorite performances on Glee in the last four seasons. There are three Warbler numbers, and you can vote for them all! Show Fox how much we love the boys in red and blue! The top ten as voted by fans will make a resurgence in the 100th episode. Who knows? If the network realizes how much we love them… maybe this will bring the Dalton boys back to our screens!